Suminski - Lake Lab

Suminski/Lake Lab

The Suminski-Lake Lab strives to understand how neuromodulation therapies regulate neural activity both in close proximity to the stimulating electrodes and in neural circuits receiving projections from the site of stimulation.



  • Optimizing patient outcomes following implantation of neuromodulation therapies using advance imaging techniques and electrophysiology
  • Investigating the mechanisms of action for neuromodulation therapies using experimental models across the translational spectrum from basic science in rodent models to clinically translatable research in large animal models and human patients

Aaron Suminski

Aaron Suminski

Senior Scientist, Department of Neurological Surgery

Photo of Wendell Lake

Wendell Lake

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery


Kevin Cheng

Position title: Scientist II


Phone: (608)262-9411

Kevin has been with the lab for over 10 years. He completed his undergraduate degree at Purdue University, his MS and PhD in Biomedical Engineering at UW Madison. Kevin designs, implements and runs experiments and…

Maria LaLuzerne

Position title: Research Specialist


Phone: (608)890-1918

Maria has been with the lab since 2018. She is a townie, born and raised about 5 miles away from the UW campus. She completed her B.S. at the UW and previously worked for the…

Mikhail Moshchin

Position title: PhD Student


Phone: (971) 208-8251

Mikhail is a third year PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at UW-Madison. He received his BA and MS (equivalent) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Russia. His research interests center around…