WITNe Alumni

The WITNe lab would like to recognize and appreciate all of the hard work, dedication and ingenuity that our alumni have contributed to bring us to where we are now. Our alumni are unparalleled, they go on to achieve incredible and unmatched successes in this industry and beyond. We are grateful to all our present and future alumni and the WITNe community we’ve built together.

One of the most beautiful things about WITNe is how we push our members to thrive and achieve their dreams – whether that’s with us or somewhere else. We challenge each and every member to continue to grow and find new avenues for their learning and research and regardless of where they land they will always be a part of WITNe.


Spencer Averbeck

Position title: Undergraduate Researcher 2019-2021

Spencer is now a PhD student Biomedical Engineering at University of Pennsylvania.

Spencer graduated from UW-Madison in 2021 in Biomedical Engineering with a focus in Bioinstrumentation. Within WITNe Spencer helped with multiple projects, through physical testing of devices and data analysis. One of his biggest accomplishments in the lab was in perfecting the fabrication of small disc electrodes.

Jenna Eizadi

Position title: WITNe Alumni

Jenna’s most rewarding project during her time with WITNe was optimizing the labs cortical neuron cell cultures. This project involved a number of scientific experiments and it’s completion enabled the advancement of research with wireless neural sensors.

Mitchell Glowdowski

Position title: WITNe Alumni

Mitchell currently works for Boston Scientific as a Process Development Engineer in their Interventional Cardiology division. He is always looking for ways to continue utilization of the skills I picked up during my time in the Hai Lab! He appreciated the experience and knowledge everyone had, and was willing, to offer.

Maïsha Kasole

Position title: Undergraduate Researcher 2019-2021

Maïsha is now a post-baccalaureate at the National Institutes of Health and has been accepted to her first MD/PhD program!

Maïsha Kasole was an undergraduate student in biomedical engineering at UW – Madison. Her special interests during her time at the UW were bioinstrumentation and computer science. Outside of academia, Maïsha is passionate about STEM outreach in underrepresented communities and medical volunteering.

Jonah Mudge

Position title: Undergraduate Researcher 2019-2021

Jonah is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at Case Western.

Jonah graduated from UW-Madison Spring 2021 in Biomedical Engineering and Neurobiology and a minor in Computer Science. During his time with WITNe he did everything from writing papers to characterization of nerves with TENS units.

Jared Ness

Position title: Research Specialist - Alumni

Joseph Novello

Position title: Research Intern, 2014-2018

Joey is currently the CPO for Neuralthread.

Mark Nyaeme

Position title: Alumni

Tsani Rogers

Position title: 2021 Graduate

Tsani worked on nitrogen vacancy based magnetometry in order to detect neural magnetic fields at high spatial resolutions. She is interested in aiding technological development in the  areas of software and neuroengineering.

Lauren Rohr

Position title: Undergraduate Researcher 2019-2021

Erika Ross

Position title: Ludwig - Post-Doctoral Fellow 2016-2017

Erika is now the director of R&D applied Research at Abbott Neuromodulation.

Zachary Sanger

Position title: Ludwig Lab - Undergraduate Researcher - 2016-2018

Zachary is now a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at University of Minnesota

Kristy Wendt

Position title: PhD candidate

NITRO Alumni