WITNe Students – Setting the Bar High

WITNe always strives for excellence, but wow, our undergrads are making us look good!

Tsani Rogers, an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Aviad Hai’s lab , is a native of Anguilla and has won both the Hilldale Undergraduate Fellowship and the NSF RUI summer fellowship. Previously she received the Kimdra Smith-Webster fellowship in Anguilla. The Hilldale fellowship provides funding to an outstanding undergraduate to pursue their own research project, a rare and amazing opportunity for an undergrad. The NSF REU summer fellowship allows undergraduate students to get some real world experience in a research lab. Expecting to graduate in 2022 we can only imagine what else Tsani will accomplish in her tenure here.


Another extraordinary WITNe lab member from Dr. Hai’s lab is Emily Masterson. This year she received the Sophomore Research Fellowship for her work in the UW College of Engineering. This fellowship provides research training and support to undergrads. They have the opportunity to create their own research project with the guidance of a UW Madison researcher or faculty member.

Both of these young women exemplify what WITNe is all about: exceptional science, by exceptional people.